Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time keeps ticking.....

We are right in the middle of swim season, with a meet EVERY weekend! Don't get me wrong; I LOVE it! But, I just don't have any "me" time for stamping & such. I'm going to take Friday off work just to do that very thing. So keep an eye out for some new posts!
The kids are doing very well. Most of the relay teams, including Brody's, have qualified for the State finals. Many of the kids have improved their individual times significantly. This is Brody (on the far left) with some of his relay buddies! He's pretty fortunate that he gets to participate on both the "A" and "B" relay teams. He has received another letter from the men's head coach at the US Air Force Academy inviting him to a summer swim camp. But, he's also been invited to swim with People to People in Holland. WOW! This could be a VERY busy and expensive summer!!! I am so proud to be his mother!
Here's an awesome shot of Brody coming off the block for an individual free-style swim.

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