Friday, January 25, 2008

Sweet Treats

I found these adorable little plastic heart containers at Hobby Lobby - two for $1.00! I bought several in both pink and red. I'm always looking for something to alter and knew I could do something with them.
I tried some mini Reese's cups inside - 11 fit perfectly! I used my new Sweet Love set from PaperTrey to cover the tops of the cups. I wanted to wrap a ribbon around the container and tie it through the slits on the sides, but also needed a way to hold the candy in. Acetate would work perfectly! So, I turned the container upside down and traced the opening on acetate using a white photo pencil. I cut the acetate just inside the marking. I used a slot punching tool (TAC) to punch slits to match the container. I ran ribbon through both slits and knotted on top. I asked my oldest son (17) what he thought about them. He said, "well, if they are for us, you can just give us the candy. It doesn't have to be wrapped up." I hope you enjoy!


Jewels said...

Hi Joy!
Those treats are cute! I was just browsing your studio photos and I saw the ribbon box I made you last year. That was so fun to see! I'm so glad you are enjoying it and it's so prominently displayed. I'm honored!

Rochelle W said...

Awesome!! I love this.

Santell said...

How creative and so very cute!! I immediately ran out to get some at the HL in Amarillo and they don't have them.