Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Advent Calendar

WOW! Christmas is JUST around the corner! I can't believe it. Thanksgiving was wonderful, spent with family. We were able to hit the stores early this morning and catch some good bargins, but it reminded me just how close to Christmas we really are - 31 days to be exact!
So, I came up with this little clipboard Advent Calendar to begin the countdown! (Cased from several examples on SCS) The chipboard calendar, papers, and stamps are all from TAC. The ribbons are just scraps I've been hanging onto. Each numbered tag has a magnet on the back to make the countdown a breeze! I have a little pocket on the back to hold the unused numbers.

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

St. Louis

I just returned from a week in St. Louis. I went with a colleague for an Infection Control conference with APIC. We arrived on Sunday afternoon. Once we checked into the hotel, we decided to do some exploring. We were several miles from "downtown" and rather than taking a cab, decided to hit the Metro. We had lunch at the Hard Rock, Union Station, then headed downtown. We walked and walked. The day was perfect - the air light and crisp, the trees turning, and the sun warm! Unfortunately, tickets to go to the top of the Arch were sold out for the day, so we only got some pictures from the outside. We saw some other sights and headed back to the hotel.
The conference was good, but the evenings were even better! We spent our evenings exploring the area around the hotel. We were in a fairly wealthy area of town, so we were able to visit a galleria, and some exclusive wine/cheese shops. I ended up buying a couple of great bottles that I'm not able to get here.
Well, back to work and the real world tomorrow!