Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Here!

I've been working tons of overtime this week - staying from 7:30 am - at least 8:00 pm. I came home on Thursday evening to a WONDERFUL surprise! My secret santa package had arrived!!!! My hubby had loving set it in my chair in the living room just awaiting my arrival. Of course, I had to open it right away - I already had a "hint" as to who my Santa was! My very good friend Awna had drawn my name this year! I couldn't wait to rip into the box. It was filled with crumpled pieces of wrapping paper - so I just kept digging! I came across two wrapped gifts - now, do I put them under the tree for Christmas, open one and put the other under the tree, or open them both? Of course, I chose the latter of the three! The first one I opened was an adorable altered frame in shades of retro Christmas - pink and lime. It was adorned with ribbons and a little tag at the bottom - "priceless". I LOVE it! The next gift was a little larger and oddly shaped. As I began to open it, I realized it was an altered wooden purse. Awna had coordinated the papers on it to the frame. The front had "XMAS" in large letters at the bottom. I'm thinking, "wow, these are AWESOME gifts". Then, I opened the purse - NO WAY! - it was FILLED with even more goodies. Tons of embellishments, glitter pens, ribbon, some stamps, and even a hand-made album the shape of the box. Girl - I LOVE it all - you outdid yourself! I had the BEST santa a girl could ask for! Enjoy the pix!

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